Blockchain Tech

Back in 2008, as the unemployment rate skyrocketed and world economies crashed and burned, an unlikely phoenix rose from the ashes. Bitcoin, introduced to the world through a mysterious whitepaper, showed the world that massive financial institutions were not essential for people to transact.


Skip a few years into the future and Bitcoin’s base technology, Blockchain, is now changing the world as we know it. Blockchain is basically a transparent and unchangeable log of all actions performed on a transactional chain.

Melrose’s Blockchain Goals

Blockchain is still young, and its messaging requires nurturing as it glows increasing bright in the public spotlight. At Melrose PR, we feel a responsibility to take leadership, silence the skeptics, and ensure that the message is strong and clear – blockchain is the future of technology, business, and the entire world. Our goal at Melrose PR is to ensure that the same fundamental transparency of distributed technology is reflected is also manifested in the clarity of these company’s communication.

We help companies distill their essential message and give them a microphone to convey this to the world.

Our passion for this space does not end with our list of clientele, we are also very interested in speaking about our own role in the blockchain community. As members of YEC, we routinely write thought leadership pieces about blockchain; such as this latest piece on Forbes.

Emergent Blockchain Industries 

Healthcare: In an industry inundated with mistrust, administrative costs and hacking scandals, blockchain is its saving grace. We work alongside the preeminent leader in Blockchain health, Gem, who are currently helping fix the industry’s defunct billing process.

Voting: US electoral controversy has been plastered over every news site for the entire tail end of 2016, and electoral fraud has been rampant across the world since day one. Using blockchain’s immutable structure and open source software, Follow My Vote is trying to democratize the the democratic process.

Online Music: As musicians increasingly lick the leftovers from the proverbial profit plate, blockchain is threatening to overthrow the many sketchy practises in place. Benji Rogers of Dot Blockchain Music is working with artists like Imogen Heap to obviate the complicated chain and give the power back to the artists.