Blockchain Tech

The rise of the internet in the 1980s and 1990s made group action easier than it has ever been. All kinds of new social structures facilitated by the new media came into being. Sharing information, forming ad hoc groups, and collaborating with like-minded people became easier than ever, and a wave of creation was unleashed on the world.

Bitcoin – introduced to the world through a mysterious whitepaper in the midst of the financial crisis – added a financial layer to the collaborative groups. It showed the world that people could transact among themselves, without centralized financial institutions.

Skip a few years into the future and Bitcoin’s base technology, blockchain, has evolved, become programmable, and is busily gobbling up every industry and institution it touches.

A blockchain is a distributed ledger, owned by everyone and no one. Whereas legacy institutions protect their data by blocking access to it, blockchain throws it open to everyone, and protects its integrity by cryptographic methods. Moving data out of citadels and into the open is a fundamental shift in how we run society.

Melrose’s Blockchain Goals

Blockchain is young, booming, and not without controversy. At Melrose PR, we feel a responsibility to take control of the narrative and ensure that the message is strong and clear: blockchain is the future of technology, business, and the entire world. Our goal at Melrose PR is to ensure that the same transparency and clarity of distributed technology is also manifested in the company’s communication.


We help companies distill their essential message and give them a soapbox to shout it out to the world.

Emergent Blockchain Industries 

Healthcare: The healthcare industry is inundated with mistrust, administrative costs and hacking scandals. Blockchain brings trust, automation, and real cybersecurity. We work alongside the preeminent leader in blockchain health, Gem, who are currently helping fix the industry’s outdated billing process.

Voting: US electoral controversy has been plastered over every news site for a year, and electoral fraud has been rampant across the world since democracy began. Using blockchain’s immutable structure and open-source software, Follow My Vote is trying to bring mathematically-secure, end-to-end verification to voting.

Online Music: As musicians lick the leftovers from the profit plate, blockchain is threatening to cut out many middlemen and create a more immediate connection between musicians and fans. Benji Rogers of Dot Blockchain Music is working with artists like Imogen Heap to obviate the complicated chain and give the power back to the artists.