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Learn more about the event we’re all talking about this month- London’s CryptoFinancing Conference, where are own Kelley Weaver will be speaking!

First European CryptoFinancing Conference to be Held in London on July 7th

This post was authored by Melrose PR contributor Nikki Brown.


CryptoFinancing 2017, the UK’s first conference dedicated to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Tokenization, will be held on July 7th, 2017 in London. CryptoFinancing, or the process of raising funds through ICOs is currently on the rise. For the first time in history, ICO offerings are raising more money than traditional VC investments. Since the beginning of 2017, 65 startups in the blockchain space have raised $522 million. Needless to say, ICO raises have empowered many a blockchain entrepreneurs to jumpstart their companies and keep the ball rolling on transforming industries with decentralized technologies.

The goal for the conference is to bring blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs together to have conversations about how to leverage ICOs for raising funds and building businesses. Some of the key panels on the agenda include Marketing 101 where attendees learn from marketing professionals on how to promote token launches, Meet the People Doing ICOs where blockchain entrepreneurs share their stories, and Cryptocurrency Revolution to hear the opinions of CEOs in the distributed community about the hurdles of ICOs and potential to transform the future of investment and financing.

Kelley Weaver, CEO and Founder of Melrose PR, will be speaking on the Marketing 101 panel. Melrose PR is a blockchain-focused PR agency whose mission is to bridge the communications gap between the blockchain and tech communities, mainstream media, and general public. Weaver said, “ICOs present exciting opportunities for blockchain companies to gain funds that allow them to develop potentially world-changing new applications. The issue that many of these companies face is that they are developer heavy and sometimes have trouble communicating ideas to a wider, less technical audience.” Weaver and other panelists will delve into some strategies that could make the difference in a company achieving its fundraising goals.

Harbour CEO & co-founder, Dean Eigenmann, will be one of the speakers on the Meet the People Doing ICOs pitch panel. Eigenmann will be introducing listeners to their recently launched Ethereum-based DAO for managing token assets. Eigenmann and the Harbour team recognized that as more ICO raises occur, there is an increasing need for a system that sorts and prioritizes which proposals are worth the investment. Harbour is completely self-governed and democratic and projects receive funding based on votes by Harbour token holders.


Learn about more innovative companies built around the emerging token ecosystem at CryptoFinance 2017, and you can register with the code MELROSEPR for 50% off your ticket.

Disclosure: Harbour DAO is a client of Melrose PR.