People are raising hundreds of millions selling digital coins online — it’s either the future of funding or a ‘bubble’

Initial Coin Offerings are all the rage, as this Business Insider article by Oscar Williams-Grut explains. Check out this Business Insider piece, which mentions our clients, Dao.Casino & Loci!

Article Summary- View the original article on Business Insider HERE

Oscar Williams-Grut presents enthusiasm and concerns on the standpoint towards ICOs and their prevalence. His article mentions the potential startups around the world that have made a trending observation of “Initial Coin offerings” (ICOs). Since the start of the year, over a half a billion dollars has been raised through ICOs. This kind of news can bring up much confusion about this new trending ecosystem. Considering ICOs were unheard of 5 years ago, the rapid growth of cryptocurrency funding is turning heads across the globe. ICOs are booming, but many are concerned about them ‘popping,’ or failing due to inherent flaws. We are proud to have our clients DAO.Casino and Loci, experts in the distributed ecosystem and ICOs, mentioned in this article. We are looking forward to seeing where the road of ICOs takes us!

Disclaimer: This article for Business Insider was written by Oscar Williams-Grut. Oscar is not affiliated with Melrose PR – just someone who liked our pitch!