We are excited to share our own Kelley Weaver’s newest interview! The Women in Blockchain series shines light on women involved in the blockchain and bitcoin industry. Their latest post features Kelley and shares her thoughts on blockchain and on running communications for blockchain companies.

Women in Blockchain: Kelley Weaver at Melrose PR

        Kelley Weaver is the CEO of Melrose PR


Kelley has been working in the blockchain industry for over a year. She started Melrose PR five years ago and has since pivoted to focus on the communication efforts of blockchain clients.


How did you being servicing blockchain clients?

I first learned about Bitcoin at a very high level in 2014 when we were doing PR for a small local health food convenience store in LA called Locali. They were one of the first locations in LA to have Bitcoin ATMs installed, and we coordinated a segment with the local news to showcase them. In 2016, I was reintroduced to blockchain technology more broadly when Gem, a company creating a blockchain-powered data exchange product to provide real-time transparency and data reconciliation, reached out to us. We have a mutual advisory board member who encouraged them to look to us for help with their communication strategy. Through our work with Gem, we learned more about this emerging technology and our involvement in the space continued to grow. Over time, this led to us establishing ourselves as one of the leading PR agencies for blockchain clients.


When did you start Melrose PR?

I launched Melrose PR in 2012 as a boutique PR and digital marketing agency working primarily with lifestyle clients, such as restaurants and consumer product manufacturers. Our focus has since shifted to encompass a diverse range of innovative companies operating at the intersection of lifestyle and technology, many of which are disrupting their respective industries with the use of cutting-edge blockchain technology.


Why did you decide to focus on this market?

Our mission to drive communications for blockchain companies has been by far the most exciting and interesting endeavor I have undertaken. For me, the most invigorating aspect of my work has been meeting so many ingenious and creative individuals who are envisioning a new future with their applications of blockchain technology.


What problem is Melrose PR solving?

The need for strong communications increases with the growing spotlight on blockchain technology. It’s funny, because for years I shied away from doing PR for technology companies. I felt I wasn’t technical enough to be able to relay their messaging effectively. At the same time, I recognized the massive need for clear, concise, and approachable communications in an industry rife with technical jargon and complicated explanations. People of all backgrounds, especially the non-technical folks, should be able to understand the implications of blockchain technology. It’s our mission to ensure that blockchain terminology becomes part of our common language, just as the internet’s did in the mid-1990s.


How do you think this problem is impacting the blockchain space?

As a company we believe it is paramount to communicate the transformative power of blockchain technology to the wider public. By expanding understanding, we can accelerate the process of adoption, and usher in a new wave of transparency, efficiency, and accountability into our world.

There are many bright individuals working on sought-after solutions in this space, but the messaging has been unclear. The underlying “why” is often blurred and buried in technical jargon. If general consumers cannot understand why this technology is so promising and exciting, then we have a problem as an industry. We should be focused on the broad education of the public on the underlying value and applications of blockchain technology. Communication that fails to be approachable disenfranchises those of us with less technical backgrounds. Now is the time to be inclusive in the way we tell the story of blockchain. We need to step outside of the blockchain bubble and into mainstream consciousness. This will take time, but we believe that if people are made aware of how this technology enables a better way to conduct business, share ideas, and exchange value, they will demand it. Transparent and accessible communication is key to the ultimate success of blockchain.


How do you see the future of Bitcoin and blockchain progressing?

I think we have a long road ahead in terms of seeing blockchain usage actually underpinning systems as we know them today. Fundamentally shifting our industries from centralized to decentralized systems may take longer than we’d like, but I think eventually we will use Bitcoin as a mainstream currency and live in a world where decentralized technology underpins everything from healthcare records to supply chain systems.

My goal as CEO of a PR company working in this space is to spread the word about what blockchain technology can do for the world and the benefits of digital currencies. The more people understand the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology, the more likely we are to bring about the changes our society needs to move toward a better, more progressive future.


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