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We are young and hungry to use media in all its changing shapes and forms to tell your important story. Melrose PR’s identity is built on the pioneering principles of our clients, who are never afraid to tear apart the script and dive into the unknown. This is the same attitude we throw into our everyday as we work to transform your brand in ways you had always dreamed of, and others you had never even thought of.



How Blockchain Tech Companies Can Elevate Their Marketing Tactics

By, Nikki Brown and Kelley Weaver @melrosepr

“Blockchain technology has truly grown up and moved out of its Bitcoin parent’s house. Its potential reach across non-financial sectors is mindblowing..”

London Blockchain Week shone with the promise of Woodstock

By, Leni Maiai @lenimaiai

“Unless we know who made what, and unless we can drive revenue back to the creators in this industry, there is no industry”

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