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We share the stories behind Blockchain Technology with the World

We are die-hard blockchain and cryptocurrency believers, passionate about how decentralized technology will change the world. Founded in 2012, Melrose PR has been working with entrepreneurs and innovators across various industries.
We garner media and public attention for our clients, bringing overall awareness to blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. We push this cutting-edge technology to innovate many industries and make lives simpler and more secure.
Let us tell your story.

About Us

Melrose PR is a blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused marketing and PR agency located in the heart of Silicon Beach, California. With long-term strategy at our core, we leverage our industry relationships to put our clients in the eyes of media zealots and blockchain die hards.

In short, we get the right people talking about you.  

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What We Offer

Our team of creatives provide a wide range of expertise, including:

Creative content for marketing materials and websites
-Thought leadership and building brand awareness
-Blog, press release, and social copy
Traditional press pitching
-Sponsored content in relevant outlets
-Social media strategy
-In-person support for events
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Our Clients

Our clients have worked to innovate these industries:

  • SingularityNET

    SingularityNET is a global network of artificial intelligences that can subcontract specialised tasks to each other in exchange for crypto, creating a synergistic intelligence that is much more powerful and flexible than the sum of its parts.

  • Healthcare


    Lympo is a sports and health ecosystem powered by user-generated and user-controlled data, meaning that data ownership is put back into the hands of the people.

  • Advertising

    YouGov Direct

    YouGov Direct is a blockchain-based platform and ad network that empowers users to choose which attributes they make available to advertisers and provides brands with known, permissioned data for better targeting.




  • Intellectual Property


    Loci developed InnVenn to make the process of researching patents more simple and intuitive. InnVenn uses a patented system of link analysis, machine learning, and crowdsourcing to show comprehensive data and the whole ‘forest’ of ideas to individuals conducting searches.

  • RightMesh

    RightMesh is a mobile mesh networking protocol and platform that incorporates blockchain technology and tokenization to incentivize users to share mobile device resources, such as Internet, data, and storage, with those who lack access, thereby increasing global connectivity and facilitating international communication and commerce.

  • Enterprise Data


    RepuX is a blockchain-backed protocol and platform for SMEs to earn rewards for sharing data on a secure, decentralized network. The RepuX platform keeps data sellers honest through reputation values assigned by data purchasers.




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  • OpenFinance

    OpenFinance Network is a trading and settlement platform for the alternative asset industry. The platform serves as a conduit between issuers, investors, and industry stakeholders, offering streamlined access to liquidity and asset transfer efficiencies.

  • Totle

    Totle is a crypto portfolio management tool and decentralized trading platform that provides efficient and secure access to trading on decentralized exchanges.


    The protocol forms the foundation for a decentralized e-commerce ecosystem that is more efficient, transparent, and secure while saving buyers and sellers time and resources.

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